Chapter Eight Listening Guide

The final chapter is, as you hopefully know from reading it, more about implications and ruminations than about particular sonic case studies. My hope was by this point to have gathered up particulars in preparation for ascent in, through, beyond, and because of limits/language.


Here is that great Monk band in top form:



The particular Braxton performance in Dortmund discussed as part of the Reality of the Sweating Brow (“Composition 40F/23J” for those birdwatching isn’t available any longer. You can hear a brief sample of Braxton and Lewis snorting merrily here:

Otherwise, here is one complete track from that concert:


Trumpeter Roy Campbell was one of the really great guys in the music: kind, soulful, deeply intelligent, and politically astute. Thankfully, he left us with a lot of great music.



It’s always a pleasure to hear drummer Andrew Cyrille, but his solo performances are especially bracing.



Listen here to one of composer/pianist Anthony Davis’ most powerful statements.



And here to Don Byron’s intense Tuskegee Experiments.



Trumpeter Dave Douglas has so many different ideas and so many different projects that it’s hard to keep up. My band Unstable Ensemble shared a bill with one of his groups many years ago in the basement of CBGB’s, and I was struck then as now by the forceful and distinctive voice he brings to any imaginable situation. One of my faves is his Tiny Bell Trio.



Here is a nice, patient performance of Ives’ “Unanswered Question,” so subtle, complex, and suggestive. And never, ever obvious, thank God.



And think of this not as an ending, but as simply another place to pause before beginning again. Can I get an “amen”?




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