The Cover

I’m thrilled to post that Oxford has come up with a dazzling cover for “Spirits Rejoice!” My friend Paul Harvey pointed out that it looks like a classic Blue Note album cover, which is marvelously true. Publication date is set for May 1, 2015: jazzbos of the world, unite.



2 thoughts on “The Cover”

    1. Mr. Jenkins, you are correct to point to the overwhelming contributions of the great Randy Weston. My guide focused only on musicians actually discussed more than tangentially in the book. And while an earlier, longer draft of the book investigated Weston’s work in detail, when it came time to hack away at the book for publication, I made the tough decision to excise that particular portion. My thinking, for what it’s worth, was that since the great Robin D.G. Kelley had already done such marvelous work on Weston, I would focus elsewhere.


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